"I damaged my ankle and was skeptical about whether the discs worked. I put them on and the pain went away. After a few runs, the pain came back. I pulled my boot off to find that the discs had come off.  I re-applied the discs and the pain disappeared again."

"I was a skeptic at first, but as as soon as I started using it, I'm a believer."

Louie Vito

Firm Believer in Holographic Acupressure

Olympic and World Snowboard Champion

"I use the Holographic Discs in all portions of my training and I would highly, highly recommend them for any elite athlete, Olympic athlete, aspiring athlete or just the general fitness enthusiast."

"I think they're a tremendous addition to my training, to anybody else's training.

I encourage you to try them out."

Giddeon Massie

2 Time Olympian and

10 Time National Sprint Cycling Champion

Recommends Acupressure Discs

Richard is a 6'7", 325 lb professional football player who has trained extensively with John Schaeffer:

"We go through a lot of pain, a lot of beatings.  The Holographic Acupressure Discs do really well in recovery. "

"And when you're on the field, when I'm putting people on their back, dominating, I use the Holographic Acupressure [High] Performance Discs.  I highly recommend them."

Richard Maudreau

Professional Football Player

Acupressure Discs Help Recovery

"I use the Acupressure Discs.  I love them, it's a great way for me to work out, helps to me to get through my workout and just push my body to the next level."

Njisane Phillip

Olympic Cyclist

Discs Help Get Through Workout

"The Sleep Discs really came [in] handy because they do work."

"John [Schaeffer] is obviously a person of high caliber, recognized world wide so I mean, that on it's own its very confident, gives you a confidence to trust."

"They are very effective."

Vitalij Kuprij

Discs Help Achieve Deep Sleep

Trans Siberian Orchestra

"It was to the point where I had to take morphine every day just to try and deal with the pain."

"I now have a pain factor from what used to be almost a 9/10 on a daily basis down to 2/3, 4 on a bad day.  I am able to now exercise every day."

Kevin Lawrence

Advanced Degenerative Disc Disease

Discs Restored Quality of Life

Disc Therapy | Holographic Acupressure Disc Testimonials in The USA

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Apolo Ohno

Most Decorated US Winter Olympic Athlete