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  • What is Disc-Therapy Technology?
    Dis -Therapy holograms are quarter size discs that can be programmed with resonate frequencies. Once programmed, the hologram can be placed on acupressure points. Acupressure points are places on the skin that are especially sensitive to bioelectrical impulses. When the holograms are correctly embedded with the proper combination of frequencies, like the holographic discs, the body readily responds to these impulses. Eastern cultures have for over 5,000 years recognized that these areas conduct human energy. Western scientists also have mapped out and proven the existence of these systems. Science has also shown that stimulating these points can possibly result in a whole host of natural body reactions such as neurochemicals being released, which can block pain from anything like exercise over use to trauma and disease. Manipulation of these meridians can promote healing, immune function, stress relief, improved circulation, less lactic acid build up, increased blood balance, total body balancing, as well as promoting the body to detoxify, which improves your overall health and well-being. The body’s response is directly related to how the holograms are programmed and the exact placement on the meridians. This is an all-natural response. The hologram does nothing more than influences the body to function at its most efficient level. Every cell in your body vibrates. This vibration is how the cell functions to do its job. If you are injured or fatigued, or have a disease, the vibration rate of the cell is diminished. The lower the vibration rate, the more at risk you are for more intense reactions to disease or the slower your recovery from injury or even exercise trauma. This lower vibration rate also compromises your immune system. A healthy cell vibrates at somewhere between 85 to 100 millivolts. When your body is trying to recover from exercise or injury, as well as a disease, the vibration rate of the effected cells is extremely compromised. For example, cancer cells have a vibration rate of about 15 millivolts, which puts the cell in a severe acidic and anaerobic state (oxygen deficient), a physical state where most disease and illnesses thrive. Healthy cells are more alkaline and oxygenated. Whether your cells are healthy or unhealthy has a direct relationship to cellular vibration rate. Programmed holograms simply aid in influencing maximum vibration rate, which depending on programming, can influence every metabolic function of the body, as well as the body’s ability to repair and recover itself. When healthy cells are functioning optimally it is much easier for the body to recognize diseased or damaged cells. This enables the immune system to respond more aggressively. The quicker the body recognizes problems, the easier it is for the immune system to take action. Quicker recognition equals less damage and less burden on the immune system to make the appropriate repairs. There is a belief among scientists, backed by research, that life is fundamentally electrical rather than chemical. In Theory, DNA functions as a biohologram, which serves as a guiding matrix for organizing physical function and form. Science shows that DNA can be activated and influenced through conscious linguistic expressions. Programmed holograms can transmit signals or frequencies to meridians to restore or influence cellular structure, which, in turn, also influences the functioning of the human body. John Schaeffer believes that because of the hologram’s broad spectrum of programmability, future science will show that holographic acupressure technology may be the most effective of all the acupressure technologies.
  • What is in the Holographic Acupressure Disc?
    The holographic acupressure disc contains a unique blend of intrinsic frequencies, stored using holographic technology, that are formulated to affect certain conditions of the human body. Since the holographic discs are non-transdermal, nothing enters the body.
  • Where Do I Put the Relief Discs?
    For most pain, you can place one disc on the pain and if the pain continues, you can place another disc opposite of the pain. You can also place the disc on designated acupressure points that will stimulate the affected area of your body. Leveraging thousands of years of research behind acupressure/acupressure, one great guide is the John Schaeffer’s book, “Acupressure using Holographic Technology, a Guide for Self-Care Acupressure with Holograms”.
  • Do I Have to Know all the Meridians to be Able to Use These Relief Discs?
    No. You can simply place the disc on the pain point and another one opposite the pain point and the discs will influence, positively, the cellular vibration – which means pain relief. You can also use John Schaeffer’s book, ‘Acupressure using Holographic Technology, a Guide for Self-Care Acupressure with Holograms’ as your guide.
  • Does Anything Go Into My Body?
    Nothing enters the body; the holographic disc is non-transdermal. This is an exciting new science and new approach to health and wellness, that is rapidly being used across the world.
  • How Does the Holographic Disc work?
    For over 6,000 years, various cultures have understood that objects and natural sensations influence our daily lives with their color, sound, design, etc. With the advances of science, we are able to capture these natural influences and create ways to store and retrieve this information using holograms. The body can now access this information through acupressure points on an “as needed” basis in a non-invasive way. Holographic discs use acupressure point placement as a vehicle to create the desired effect: weight loss, more energy, restful sleep, or pain relief. It isn’t to treat or cure any specific disease; it simply enables the body to function at a higher level of health. When this type of natural healing environment is present, the body has the capacity to effectively repair and heal itself. Naturally, individual results will vary depending upon numerous personal and environmental factors such as overall state of health, age, diet, etc. The state of the art holographic disc marries the traditional Chinese medicine points with modern science to produce a revolutionary delivery system, achieving balance and harmony for better health. Impressive results in helping the body naturally enhance its performance are shown through the use of proprietary holographic discs. Each holographic disc stores a large amount of readily available information, carefully formulated to provide the body with the resources it needs for homeostasis. Specific information is programmed into each disc. The holographic Disc activates the body’s meridians by concentrating various effects on the activation of specific acupressure points to create a healthy balance. Like a music or computer disc, cutting edge technology is integrated into each disc. When the hologram is applied to your body or clothing, it activates a specific energy field. Changing and transforming your body without the complexity of harmful drugs, chemicals or acupressure needles. Nothing enters the body, all of our holographic discs are non-transdermal.
  • How Long should I wear the Holographic Relief disc?
    You should continue to wear the relief discs as long as your pain persists. We recommend replacing the discs every few days. If you take off the relief disc and the pain returns, we suggest you put new discs back on that area. How often should I wear the holographic relief disc? For best results use the holographic relief discs daily. You should feel the positive effects of the relief discs within minutes. For chronic or extreme cases the results can be delayed as the body begins to detox and as it gets use to its pure, natural vibrational environment that your body was designed to exist in.
  • How Long Does Each Relief Disc Last?
    We normally suggest replacing the disc every couple days. If the disc gets damaged in any way (bent, torn or folded) its frequency programming can be affected. If you take care of the discs they can last longer. Per John’s instructions make sure the area is CLEAN and DRY. You can also use hydrogen peroxide to clean the area, but make sure it’s completely dry before you place the discs. For those of you that have trouble adhering these discs to your skin, you can put the discs on the pain area and cover with a cloth band-aid to hold the discs in place. One of the most important steps in extending the use of your discs is to make sure the area is CLEAN and DRY before application. Using hydrogen peroxide to clean the area before application is an excellent way to do this, simply make sure the area is completely dry before you apply the discs. For anyone that still has trouble adhering the discs to your skin, put the discs on the pain area and cover with a cloth band-aid to hold the discs in place.
  • How Many Discs Come in Each Packge?
    Each package comes with 35 discs. You can replace them everyday or wear multiple discs. The remaining discs can be used to share with a friend who is experiencing pain.
  • What Should I Feel When Wearing the Holographic Relief Disc?
    You probably will feel nothing. The holographic relief disc is neither a stimulant nor a depressant, like caffeine or alcohol. You should notice pain subsiding leading to overall enhanced health experience. Please note: we make NO medical claims; our discs are NOT approved by the FDA or any other regulatory body. For serious medical issues or if you are on medication, please consult your Medical Doctor. Use at your own discretion.
  • Can I Take the Acupressure Discs Through an X-Ray Machine at the Airport?
    Yes, the x-ray machine will not affect the discs as long as they are contained within the anti-static packaging that comes with the product.
  • Can I Carry Them in My Pocket?
    We suggest that you store your discs in a safe place and if you carry them with you, to keep them in the anti-static bag provided. While this is more for the disc protection than anything else, it's good practice and will help ensure the longevity of your product.
  • How do Electric Magnetic/Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) Affect the Relief Discs?
    EMF doesn’t affect the discs at all, in fact the relief discs can be placed on EMF emitting devices like; cell phones, microwaves, TVs, etc., and the discs can neutralize the effects of EMFs on the body. This can be confirmed by performing kinesiology tests, with and without the discs, while using EMF producing devices. Please note that we make no claims, use your own judgment.
  • Can a Magnet Deactivate the Discs?
    Exposure to a strong magnet can deactivate the discs. We suggest keeping the discs away from strong magnets.
  • Do Extreme Temperatures in Shipping Affect the Discs?
    We have not found that extreme temperatures will negatively affect the discs.
  • How Do I Get John’s book, “Acupressure Using Holographic Technology, a Guide for Self-Care Acupressure with Holograms”?"
    You can purchase a copy here at ***Add Link***
  • Are These Discs Clinically Tested?
    Clinical tests may be found in the website. Additionally, John Schaeffer has worked alongside medical doctors for 15 years and has been using and refining these discs on some of the best Amateur, Olympic and Professional Athletes in the world, as well as Law Enforcement and Military Professionals and people recovering from surgery. Disc-Therapy Acupressure Discs have been put to practical use at the highest levels.
  • Do Doctors Recommend the Holographic Disc?
    We have two Medical doctors on our advisory board that use these discs regularly in their practice. As any prudent person, if you have any disorder that is causing you health related problems, you should consult your doctor before you use any holographic discs.
  • Where do I Place the Discs for Crohn’s Disease?
    We do not recommend placement points for any medical disease or condition as we do not diagnose, prevent, heal, treat, or cure any disease or injury. If you have an existing medical condition or are currently taking medication, please consult with your doctor before using. If you would like more information about placement points, please consult with a licensed acupressurist, acupuncturist or chiropractor.
  • Are Your Holographic Discs Ok to Use on Pets?
    Yes, animal acupressure points are different than humans so you may need to experiment with your pet. For pain relief, it works the same; put the relief disc right on the point of pain.
  • Are There Any Negative Side Effects?
    No. The discs do not introduce foreign or new substances into your body. There are no drugs or chemicals and the discs don’t create anything that your body doesn’t already have. The discs just influence and balance the body’s cellular frequencies (or energy flow) which allows the cells to repair themselves (by design) and to resonate at their properly designed frequencies. They allow the body to repair itself and then perform at its optimal level, minimizing any discomfort. It’s basically “tuning” the body like you would tune a piano. For example, when tuning a piano, if a lower register piano wire is struck, some of the higher register wires will also vibrate, but only those that are in resonance or harmony with that original struck wire. The programmed frequencies within the holographic relief discs affect specific body frequencies in the same way, in harmony. And with the common goal of balancing the body to allow it to heal and operate at its optimal level. A WORD OF CAUTION: Using Acupressure Discs when pregnant must only be attempted under a physician’s guidelines. Especially avoid stimulation to LI-4 (LI-4 can induce premature labor), K-3 (K-3 can cause unhealthy fetus reactions), and SP-6 (SP-6 can induce premature labor and cause unhealthy fetus reactions). 1. Never apply Acupressure Discs over any type of burn. 2. Never apply Acupressure Discs over open wounds. 3. Never apply Acupressure Discs over a newly formed scar. 4. As with all acupressure, avoid abdominal points with serious or threatening diseases, such as intestinal cancer, serious cardiac conditions, and leukemia. Again, anyone with serious medical issues must always consult their physician before using Acupressure Disc technology. 5. To really enhance the effect of Acupressure Discs, consideration should be given to diet, exercise, rest, and relaxation. 6. Acupressure Discs can influence elevated blood pressure when placed on specific meridians. Always be extremely careful to consult your physician prior to using Acupressure Discs, especially if elevated blood pressure could create a greater health risk. 7. Acupressure Discs can improve blood flow and circulation. Anyone with bleeding disorders or disease should consult his or her physician prior to use. 8. Special interest people should always consult their physician prior to attempting acupressure home therapy. Special interest would be defined as someone who is not 100% perfectly normal from a medical standard in relationship to their health, fitness, or mental state.
  • Do I Need to Take the Discs Off at Night?
    No, discs can be worn as long as you feel comfortable with them on.
  • Can I Shower with the Discs on?
    Yes, the shower will not change the effectiveness of the discs, though they may come off in the shower.
  • What Happens When the Discs Fall Off or Lose Their 'Stick'?
    You can use a band-aid (cloth ones are the best) to re-apply a disc back onto your body. You can also use surgical tape. It is always best to clean the area first with hydrogen peroxide, let it dry and then apply the discs. If you sweat a lot during workouts, it is best to place a cloth band-aid over the disc to secure it before your workout.
  • How Many Relief Discs Can I Wear?
    The optimal way to use Acupressure Discs is to place one disc directly on the pain point. If your pain doesn’t significantly reduce, you can also place another directly opposite the pain. For example, if you have pain in the outside of your right knee. You would place one on the pain point, outside of right knee, then one directly opposite that pain point or inside of right knee. It’s like drawing a direct line from the pain point, through the disc, direct to the other disc. For general whole body relief you can place one disc 2 fingers below the belly button and another disc 4 fingers below the belly button (as outlined in John’s book). A great suggestion for lower back pain is one disc on the pain and a disc 2″ directly above and below, and to the right and to the left, of the pain point. For more extreme cases you can use the “Acupressure Using Holographic Technology” book or consult your licensed health practitioner. PLEASE BE CAREFUL IF YOU HAVE SEVERAL HEALTH ISSUES, YOU MUST CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR FIRST.
  • What if a Disc Doesn’t Seem to Work to Me?
    Our discs work extremely well, consistently, on about 99.5% of the people who put them on in the correct location and are hydrated (drink plenty of water). If for some reason you are not getting the desired benefits within a reasonable period of time, we recommend you move the disc to a different acupressure point. If you are still not getting the desired results, give it time. Some people are very in tune with their body and can immediately feel the effect of the discs, while for other people it may take up to 4 or 5 days. Remember: Hydration and Location. These discs do work and they will work for you. Give them time, and you’ll be very glad you did.
  • What if I got a “Bad Batch”?
    There are no “bad batches”, our quality assurance procedures help us maintain that 100% of our discs are active and working.
  • Why are the Discs Sealed in Plastic?
    Mainly for protection in shipping. If you do travel a lot, you can store them in anti-static bags as a precautionary measure.
  • How do the Discs Know What To Do?
    The discs do not heal or cure anything. They interact with your body’s meridians to increase each cell’s vibration back into a normal, healthy range and then the body’s natural abilities take over from there. Think of them like roadblock removers, that allow the body’s healing ability to work on an issue without any “road blocks”.
  • Can I Get More Details of the Science Behind These Holographic Discs?
    Our bodies communicate with itself through meridians. Disc-Therapy Acupressure Discs are programmed to communicate with these fields to achieve the desired effects of pain relief, DNA telomere lengthening, more energy, a sense of general well-being, better sleep, helping the body harmonize with itself, etc. Energy underlies every aspect of nature and in the world of quantum physics (dealing with particles smaller than the electron), because everything is energy, everything vibrates. Each cell has its own vibration (frequency) by design and this can be affected by internal and external frequencies. Virtually all we know about living systems is based on the analysis of energy, all life depends upon molecules interacting through vibrating or oscillating energy fields. Traditionally, cells were thought to communicate by like cells exchanging information only when they came in contact with each other, like magnets or a key finding its right keyhole. One problem with this theory is that, on average, there is one protein molecule for every 10,000 water molecules, so contact between key and receptor protein molecules is by chance and can take a considerable amount of time. Research from 1984 to the late 1990′s by French immunologist, Dr. Jacques Benveniste: Cells rely on electromagnetic waves to communicate, not contact with each other. Also, water molecules are conduits for these electromagnetic waves, the more hydrated the better. (This is why hydration of pure water is important). There are receptor molecules with the matching spectrum of features that tune into the specific energy frequencies of the transmitter. As these transmitter and receptor molecules resonate at the same frequency, they then resonate with the next molecule in the biochemical reaction and the reaction cascades forward. This creates a cascade of electromagnetic impulses traveling at the speed of light and accounts for fast, multiple responses by the body. This is a logical extension to studies by physicist Fritz-Albert Popp showing that molecules, atoms, organs, etc. all have their own signature frequencies. Each atom, molecule organ, system has its own vibratory character. The combination of atoms into molecules leads to the creation of unique types of energetic states and therefore unique spectra of the transitions between these states. Molecular spectra can be obtained due to electron spin states (electron paramagnetic resonance), molecular rotations, molecular vibration and electronic states. Rotations are collective motions of the atomic nuclei and typically lead to spectra in the microwave and millimeter-wave spectral regions; rotational spectroscopy and microwave spectroscopy are synonymous. Vibrations are relative motions of the atomic nuclei and are studied by both infrared and Ramanspectroscopy. Electronic excitations are studied using visible and ultraviolet spectroscopy as well as fluorescence spectroscopy. Jackson and Mantsch HH used spectroscopic methods. They determined that the human body emits specific vibratory information. These vibrations precisely specify the activities taking place within the body. The body has a self-regulatory mechanism to fix vibration deviations — The procedure is a physics term called “entrainment”. When, for some reason, a cell or molecule gets out of sync, entraining signals from neighboring cells will tend to reinstall the correct signal; if a sufficient number of cells become out of sync, stability can be lost. This leads to disease and disorder. Entrainment; “A basic physics phenomenon”. Here’s a great scientifically proven example: Several identical pendulum clocks were mounted on a wall and the pendulums were started and were swinging individually. Over time all pendulums were synchronized and were swinging together. Conclusion: Frequencies close to each other influence each to move to a common frequency. Any clocks with a pendulum of a different weight or longer pendulum arm were not entrained. Internal Vibrations Can Be Modified By an Outside Source There are numerous examples of external frequencies or electromagnetic fields altering bodily functions; for example, there is a high correlation of heart attacks during heightened periods of solar activity. H. Froelich said living organisms must produce coherent oscillations with an ideal or resonant frequency. By manipulating and balancing the vibratory circuits, we can directly influence the body’s defense and repair systems. As shown earlier Siskin and Walker in 1995 showed that employing magnetic fields at specific frequencies have resulted in enhanced capillary formation, decreased necrosis, reduced swelling, diminished pain, etc. Russik and Schwartz conducted experiments on entrainment in 1994 to see if vibrations from one person can affect the vibrations of another person. They Placed 2 test subjects in a room facing each other with their eyes closed; over time there some was evidence of coupling of both cardiac and brain rhythms; however, the effect was increased when the subjects were connected electrically simply by holding opposite ends of a wire. So you can continue to research this, but internal body signals (frequencies) can be influenced by an outside source like the our programmed holographic discs. Through years of refining these discs, John Schaeffer and his medical consultants have embedded positive intrinsic frequencies that work with the body’s frequency to achieve specific results. Our discs are programmed with many layered frequencies that have been real life tested on top Olympic, amateur and professional athletes, as, well as law enforcement and military personnel). When placed on the body the discs start to interact and communicate with your body’s frequencies. Like a tuning fork does with piano strings – they interact and affect each other and eventually become ‘in-tune’ or harmonize with each other (matching exact frequencies). Allowing the body to balance and heal itself. The discs bring the body’s cells to the optimum frequency for the desired effect (pain relief as an example).

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