How To Apply The Discs

Be sure to clean and dry the area prior to application.  You will notice that holographic disc placements run a very close parallel to actual acupressure techniques that are performed with electricity, needles, moxibustion, and massage.  Mimicking any of the prementioned meridian placements will cause the discs to interact with the body almost identically to any of these procedures.

Disc-Therapy Sleep Acupressure Discs

Placement Guidelines for Peak Performance

$19.95 / 35 Discs

Chest Strength:

Location: ST-18 is two finger widths below the center of the nipple.


Location: LU-1 is on the outer part of the chest, four finger widths up from the armpit crease and one finger width inward.

Location: ST-36 is four finger widths below the kneecap, on the outside of the leg.

Location: LU-1 is on the outer part of the chest, four finger widths up from the armpit crease and one finger width inward.

Leg and Back Strength:

Location: BL-60 is on the outside of the ankle.  At the very top of the anklebone, draw a straight line to the Achilles tendon.  In the hollow between the tendon and the anklebone is where you would place the disc, parallel to the anklebone.

Leg Strength:

Location: GB-30 is located by putting your thumb on your hipbone and stretching your index finger straight down the side of your leg.  You want to slowly move your index finger 3 inches toward your gluteus maximus.  If you press in that small indentation, it should feel a little bit tender.

Location: LV-8 is on the inside of the knee, located by cupping your kneecap with your hands. Move your thumbs back just past the thighbone and press, straight in right from the knee, at the very bottom of the kneecap.  If you come in two finger widths towards your groin, you'll feel it.

Arm Strength:

PC-6 is located in the middle of the inner wrist, two-and-one-half finger widths below the wrist crease.

LV-2 is at the juncture of the big and second toes.

For Boxers and Mixed Martial Artists: Put Performance on left and right wrists.

Total Body Strength:

CV-4 is four finger widths below the belly button.

CV-6 is located two finger widths directly below the belly button.

Location: SP-17 is located in the fifth intercostals space, at the tender spot under the armpit, slightly below the nipple line.

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