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John Schaeffer: Creator of Disc-Therapy Acupressure Discs

John Schaeffer, author of Acupressure Using Holographic Technology, and creator of Disc-Therapy Acupressure Discs, has helped many hundreds of people achieve their goals from weight management to world class sports performance. Throughout his career, John has searched for legal and fair ways to help improve his athletes’ metabolic processes, muscular function and performance. An article on NASA programming holograms peaked John’s interest in vibrational frequencies and the body’s response to them. He started researching other companies and how they were using frequencies to manipulate the body. Finally, after 15 years of research and development, he arrived at his own, unique, effective programming of these frequencies in a form of acupressure. The original concepts were strictly for his athletes, but after many years of effectively improving pain relief, recovery, sleep, performance and weight management, he realized that it would not be fair to not make his products available for everyone. 


The profound effect the products have had on people who use them is gratifying to John. Indeed, John’s history as a trainer and athlete was never about self-gratification; it has always been about his ability to improve the performance and quality of life for people with whom

he is involved. His only wish is that his book, Acupressure Using

Holographic Technology, and the products that John has innovated

will have a positive effect on the quality of your life. John’s slogan is:

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John Schaeffer, Creator & Co-Founder

One Life,

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