How To Apply The Discs

Be sure to clean and dry the area prior to application.  You will notice that holographic disc placements run a very close parallel to actual acupressure techniques that are performed with electricity, needles, moxibustion, and massage.  Mimicking any of the prementioned meridian placements will cause the discs to interact with the body almost identically to any of these procedures.

For maximum results, we recommend combining the Fat Loss Discs with the Fat Loss Menu included in the product brochure.

The reason the disc is called a Fat Loss Disc is because the menu and the discs are designed to reduce body fat in any individual. 


Please Note:  Obesity is considered a disease.  We do not treat any disease or illness.

Disc-Therapy Sleep Acupressure Discs

Placement Guidelines for Enhanced Fat Loss

Location: ST-34 is five finger widths from the top of the kneecap, slightly toward the outside edge of the thighbone.


Technical:  On the anterior thigh, on a line between the anterior superior iliac spine and the superolatero patella, 2 cun superior to the lateral patella.


Influence:   Aids in digestion and calming the stomach.



Location: ST-40 is located dead center on the shinbone, three fingers toward the outside from centerline.


Technical: On the leg, one cun laterl to ST-38 at the midpoint of a line between ST-35 at the lateral patella and the lateral malleolus.


Influence: Aids in increasing oxygen into the bloodstream.

$19.95 / 35 Discs

Location: SP-4 is located on the arch of the foot, one thumb width in back of the ball of the foot.


Technical: On the medial foot, in the depression distal to the base of the first metatarsal bone.


Influence: Aids in strengthening the stomach and spleen and also aids in digestion

Location: CV-12 is located on the midline of the body, one-half way between the base of the breastbone and the belly button.


Technical: In the upper umbilical region, on the anterior midline, 4 cun superior to the umbilicus.


Influence: Aids in digestion and harmonizing the stomach.

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