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General Fitness Training System

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  • Winningfactor General Fitness Training System is an exclusive program designed to help any individual maintain an ideal level of fitness. The program is designed to maximize your muscle mass and minimize your body fat. The goal of the program is to maintain a high standard of quality of life through improved health and fitness.


    The General Fitness Training System consists of approximately 202 pages. The program contains: stretching, attribute training (which consists of 3 to 4 phases of weight training programs), and incorporates 6 to 8 phases of general, fitness-related exercises (such as drills, running, or walking). The program consists of a complete aerobic training system as well as a complete anaerobic general fitness system. The program has its own tracking, progress evaluation forms, an overview, food tracking, daily menu, pre and post workout meals, and body composition tracking.


    Our General Fitness Training System is the most complete, proven-effective, training system available, guaranteed to improve your quality of life and general fitness.

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